Deliciously furry times

Take a beautiful gifted red (!) hat

add a generously gifted vintage fur 
(anyone know the breed?)

with some jools

and a silk scarf skirt

and we have the recipe for a story!! 

Stand back, Lady Jemima Pennyweather coming through!

 "So good to be here my dear"

 "A cup of necklace tea? I don't mind if I do"

"What have we here then, a new variety I see"

"Oh gosh! It's garter tea!"

"I haven't seen this since University days. 
Oh we had some fun times then..."

"Ooh it still fits!"

"Hee hee, now we're talking!"

"Ha, ha, ha! You are a riot, my deeply delicious dear, hic!"

"zzz...wha's tha? Hic...zzz" 
(Garter tea does tend to make Lady Jemima comatose. Let's tiptoe away and leave her to sleep it off. Shhh!)

Oh Nan, I hope you won't mind if you're watching. 
I really do value your gifts.
Here they are being sensible :-)


'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack

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I'm also visiting Patti and the visibles at Not Dead Yet Style
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Come on...!
red felt hat - gift, red glass earrings - old, gold and crystal bracelet - gift, engagement ring - retail, wedding ring - designed by us, bead ring - made by a friend, red glass necklace - old, red satin asian style jacket - op shop, vintage fur - gift, 
red silk scarf - op shop


  1. Oh my goodness that was hilarious! For a while there I didn't think Lady Jemima could smile, but that she might continue to wither my soul with that imperious stare. Thankfully some garter tea loosens her up! She wears some very elegant things and looks smashing in red, does Lady Jemima. She should stop over at my place and we will drink tea and knit together.

  2. My dearest jazzy you are pure fun fabulousity and MAGIC.
    Thank you sooooooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family.

  3. What fun! Lady Jemima has definitely had an interesting life with her special beverage! Well staged by a very elegant well dressed actor. D&M xxxx

  4. You are gorgeous and hilarious! looking very sexy in red flashing that stocking top. xxx

  5. Omg, hahahaha! :D Garter tea just made my day! :D Where the hell did you get a sexy garter like that, I can't seem to find any :D
    I love the red hat, you're such a classy lady!

  6. waaahhh! you made my day! can i come over for some garter tea? fantastic!!!!
    wonderful hat and mink! fur stole! great with the silk foulard skirt and that red jacket/kimono. but the best is really your story and the whole set decoration. you´r bursting of creativity!

  7. What a great story, better than a long movie...!

  8. Did my comment get eaten up in here again? I thought you said we were having tea?? ;)

  9. Yes, it did get eaten up. I'll start over with my comment then. You made me laugh out loud here, again! I'd love to join you for a cup of garter tea and I'll take some of that mink too please!

  10. O M G!! Had to laugh now so hard!!! Thank you SO much for THIS dear JJ!! You are awesome!
    haha.. I think will save this post and look at it when I had bad mood!!
    100 thumbs up! ;)))))

    please contiune !!!!
    Dana :)

  11. How I love and admire and adore your playfulness!!!!!!! I think you can start a school and teach others how to be so playful! Brilliant!!! :) :) :)

    Love xxxxxxx

  12. Very entertaining, in several ways.

  13. I LOVE LADY JEMIMA PENNYWEATHER!!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  14. He-he-he, what a fun story beautifully illustrated by your photographs! I really love your humour

  15. Love this magical photo essay! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you are so much fun. xo

  16. Oh dear, how on earth did I miss this? I've just spotted you over at Patti's. Lady Jemima is a hoot! Love the hat, and once again, I need to say how much red suits you. Brava, Lady J! xxx

  17. hey!!!
    smashing, that was! I love the comic strip style!!!
    Fashion and theatre, yeeeeeesssss!!!
    We want more, more, more!!!

  18. You are HILARIOUS! :) I couldn't stop giggling.

  19. Why am I never invited to teas like this? (Never invited to teas of any kind.
    I must be a philistine ! No, not here where I live ... I'd just fit in more closely!) Thank you for showing us the garter tea ceremony. It should be an annual event like a Burns Dinner.
    Really lovely outfit components. I hope you did/will wear this elegance out and about, garter and all!

  20. You are amazing! Love your story telling skills, your numerous expressions and your style. You must pursue an acting career! Your hat is marvelous; thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  21. I love this look! So striking, and such a fun way to enjoy tea :)

  22. Such a ladylike hat. I love those little, kind of useless, totally decorative one. I just read an Agatha Christie from about 1942, in which she describes a woman's hat as "clinging to her left eyebrow."


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