BeautyScope 215: Cork oak climbing

cork oak 
climbing challenge
insect adventureland

Would you climb it?


  1. Great one to climb ...if you fall off, you would bounce on all that cork :-)

  2. Shawna McComber24 April 2015 at 19:24

    I love this one-the image and the poem! Yes I would climb it. I love to climb! If I had better health/stamina I would take up rock climbing. I like Cris' idea of the bouncing too. Rocks are not quite as bouncy as cork! xoxo

  3. Great picture of a gorgeos tree. Never seen in real... Oh yeah, I would climb, but I was afraid to damage the bark with my trial and the homes of small creatures to destroy.
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  4. What a beautiful bark! Great colors, love the view of the tree, and I also like Mascha have never seen one "in person" :). Climbing is not my thing - I leave it to Chris and Shawna!

    I don't have Instagram, but I noticed your portrait and just could not leave you without a comment. Is it a new haircut? Awesome! You look very cool, it is so YOU! Also, do you know Forest City Fashionista the blogger from Canada - ? She always reminds me of you, I think you look similar and both have such intelligent and creative flair about you. You could be sisters!

    I also listen to your singing. You have an amazing voice! Do sing for us here in the blog, It would be wonderful to be able to listen to your singing! With love xxxx

  5. One word - no! :D Insect adventureland is something I already have here in the new home with all those cockroaches we're trying to murder!!!!
    Also, dude, the new hairdo on instagram is everything, I love it!!!!

  6. Totally! I never thought of the bounciness!
    Thinking of you tonight...hope you manage it, but the exercise of writing in preparation will have been worth it if you don't :-)
    The kids had a fab birthday at rock climbing place this last March! xo Jazzy Jack

  7. The bark is often removed for cork without the tree dying, but small creatures would definitely lose homes if I climbed! Crash, bang! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. Thanks Natalia!
    I definitely agree about Forest City Fashionista looking like me.
    I will certainly sing again. Thankyou! :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Thanks!!!
    Oh no, not cockroaches. We had wars with them in PNG where they flew! Eww! xo Jazzy Jack


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