15 April 2015

The Big Foot Family

As a celebration of our time together, our family has put together a little story, featuring all the faux fur I seem to have collected!
Storyboarded and photographed by Mr Artist.

This is the Big Foot family who live in a cave.

They have two almighty leaders.

And a very cute curious little Big Foot

who is much loved.

They like to have long expeditions, and on one of their expeditions they found a mysterious inscription on some rock.

What could it mean?

But the little big foot thought "look out" meant "look for human"...wait come back!

In the morning he is still missing.

"He must be looking for da human"

And the family set out to look for him.

They look under the stairs

In the lantern

and  under the plants (how big are humans?)

Oh look, there he is!

and he's with da human! 
"Please come home with me".
There was much rejoicing as he agreed. 
Grandad Big Foot learnt about technology

and their baby had returned!

The end.
Thanks to my parents for being great sports!
'Til next time, keep on creating.
Jazzy Jack
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  1. Hilarious! I want to be in your family! They've got to be your parents, you and your Mum are so alike! xxx

  2. That's hilarious! Love your teen participating as long as he can stay plugged in!! haha I'm cracking up.....
    Your parents make wonderful costars!

  3. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen15 April 2015 at 23:37

    can´t say HOW MUCH i LOVE your photo stories!!!!
    this is no exception! your parents are so gorgeous - nice to see them here! like vix i wish i be a sister of you - with all this fabulous people in the family :-)
    mr artist did a very good job directing this "movie"!
    hugses!!!! xxxx

  4. Rofl, I freaking looooove your photo stories, you guys are so crazy I love you all! :D Can't believe how much fur you have...it's a dream come true, gimme some!

  5. EXCELLENT family drama! I love this story and you and your family for the creative energy it takes to put something like this together. Your costumes alone are outstanding. So much fun! Academy Awards all around.

  6. No! It's aaallll mine! A Big Foot can't just remove their fur.
    It has got a little out of hand, but soo snuggly. I think you have a pretty good collection yourself.
    Glad you had a nice floor roll :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  7. Thanks. I dedicate my win to the first person to blah di blah!
    The costumes were so fun but hot. We had to suffer for our art, just like reall actors. Next time we'll take a leaf out of your book and

  8. Cut out a photo to move around! Genius!
    I know you understand the creative urge. Love your story post as well.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. How cool are your parents for joining in the family fun with faux fur! That made me smile. xxx

  10. Totally!
    That could be a subtitle "Family fun with faux fur!" xo jj

  11. You all are AMAZING! I kept smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside. It would be great to read more about your parents, your childhood - where the roots of all this mad creativity and joy of life come from. Maybe you'll be inspired to write about it some day. Wonderful photo session, my dear! xxxxx

  12. Warm and fuzzy on the inside while we are warm and fuzzy on the outside! :-D
    Lovely idea to talk more about my background. My parents were suggesting it too. Will have a think. I love the term "mad creativity"! So glad you enjoyed it. xo JJ

  13. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle20 April 2015 at 05:51

    Thanks for sharing this incredible story with Visible Monday! What a fun and creative family you are.

  14. We don't get out much ;-D
    Thanks for reading!

  15. WAAAAAHHHH! Thank you, all of you, for all of that! You have to adore a whole clan of fur clad hams! I had the best time. See? Your furry purchases where much more than clothes! Jack, I'm charmed and entertained ... nothing better than that.

  16. So now I'm happy! "Fur clad hams" is so perfect.

  17. Oh my goodness, that is HILARIOUS and very endearing!


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