21 April 2015

Dress ups

The other day my nieces, twins Grace and Hope came to visit. They were getting up to speed with their driving ;-)
When they arrived I threw some dress-ups at them, and this is what stuck.


Aren't they gorgeous?!
Even Winter and Mr Artist got into the act.

Although here it looks like Winter is saying...help, get me out of here!

They're good mates really.

(Incidentally, do these look like photos of someone with a dog phobia? Winter has been the best therapy.)

Mr Artist decided to show his cousins his Hetty the Hatter trick.
And his version of a scarf dance!
Not forgetting to stop and smell the roses.

Here's trouble..a trio of trouble!

I will leave you with a video I made for Dana of Danalovesfashionandmusic. A snippet of a lullaby.


Sleep tight!

'Til next time, keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack


  1. Mr Artist has a dog phobia? Doesn't show very much, I guess puppy Winter is hell of a therapy expert! :D Aaaaaw, the girls are adorable and so fashionable I'm jelaous!

  2. What a famous post with all the blue and a big fun to play with, I think... (I would be too).

  3. Andrea Torres-Cooper21 April 2015 at 11:42

    Mr. Artist has gorgeous eyes that seem to communicate so much in that photograph! Love the shots of the scarf dance :) and I agree, the first twin looks so like you. Looks like lovely fun was had and that Winter is very good therapy indeed.

  4. Seems like you all including Winter had a great time! Mr.Artist is going to be a real heartthrob one day (those eyes!). And the twins are just adorable! As I have twins myself it always amazes me to see other twins.

  5. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen22 April 2015 at 10:27

    wonderful voice my dear!
    your nieces are just so cute and how cool of them to take part in your dress up! and the pic of mr artist sniffing the flowers is breathtaking! such adorable family of you!
    thank you for the happy moment!!! xxxxxxx

  6. Yes, you wouldn't know it now! He used to cross the street, head to the car and demand to return home if he saw one on a lead! Immersion therapy! Worked also with cats and birds. Only down side? We now have a lot of animals! :-D

  7. Yes, I just grabbed blue, you noticed! I have a lot I discovered! Oh wouldn't it be fun to meet and play together :-D

  8. Really? Not sure she would be flattered by that!! I always thought she looks like my sister, so family resemblance I suppose.

  9. Yes, we had fun, along with an Autumn leaf fight I didn't photograph! The scarf dance was a happy accident:-)

  10. I shot so many cool shots, but only used the covered ones. The girls are lovely inside and out, as is Mr Artist. And for that matter, Winter!

  11. Hee! You noticed my voice! Been having trouble getting it to play, but now have it down.
    Wanting to bring more singing to the blog because I am a singing teacher, and the musical side was under represented!
    I know, the kids were very obliging.
    Glad to provide a happy moment! Now I'm having a happy moment! xo Jazzy Jack

  12. Shawna McComber22 April 2015 at 19:03

    That's one of my favourite songs and I often sing it! Thank you for sharing your lovely voice with us. Your nieces and Mr Artist are most adorable! It looks like they had lots of fun and I am reminded too of how much fun dress up is. I had a wonderful dress up box when I was teaching. Nothing fit me, mind you, it was all for the students. xoxo

  13. The kids know I will always join in with dressups! My love of clothes and theatre combined.
    You must miss teaching like I miss the stage!
    Hoping you can muster the energy and courage to perform your poems. Fingers crossed for you!! xo Jazzy Jack

  14. Ha ha! What fun! : ) I must do something like this when my nieces come to visit.

    What a voice! I wish I could sing like that. I'd be singing all the time. Now I only do it when I want to torture someone.


  15. I would loove to teach you. I specialise in adults who have difficulty singing!
    Thanks for your compliment :-)
    Definitely do a photo shoot with your nieces. Such fun! xo Jazzy Jack

  16. Oh Jazzy, what a sweet and creative post. I can see you in both of your nieces here too. It's in the eyes. I just bet you're the fun aunt who inspires everyone who visits to unleash and get to their creative roots. And that voice!! You can dream a little dream for us anytime!

  17. Your dressing up photos are great fun. And you have a really gorgeous voice (love that song!) xxx

  18. Would you send me your postadress? I have such a big collection of silk scarfes in blue and other nice colors, but I don't use them all - to wear I prefer cotton... Now I looked thrugh my collection and I though, I could send you any scarfes, I have simply TO many - -

    (You can use the contact form on my blog for the answer)

  19. Okay, just submitted contact form . What a lovely surprise! Thankyou :-D Hugs! Jazzy Jack


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