BeautyScope 253: Boat building

This was handmade by my amazing Dad!

model boat

telling shadow tales

of romance

and wild adventures




  1. Great boat and it's shadow theatre.
    Have a nice quiet weekend

  2. you are such a talented bunch!
    what a beautiful boat - and yes - sailboats are pure romance!!!
    but! if you feel inadequate because i post my humble food creations i will never do that again! if cooking is not in your book - who should care. someone else has the possibility to reign in the kitchen :-)

  3. The boat is a beauty, especially because it is made by your talented Dad! I have a whole collection of much treasured carvings by my very gifted brother. Such things are the best decor of our homes... Your poem really sums up the model boat life well. :)

    I just caught a tiny short video of your singing Summertime. What a gorgeous voice you have! I always want to hear more, much more. Sending you much love and hugses! Natasha

  4. Oh I love 'shadow tales'. What a delicious word! xoxo

  5. Lovely to see people enjoy the creation. It looks as though it is off the bookcase to its own adventure in John Masefield's Sea Fever in your photo and poem. D&M xxxx


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