Rise and Write linkup : Favourite blanket and Furniture

a favourite blankie

is a boon to the soul

it wraps you up

like a mother's love

and warms you

as a Summer's day

it surrounds you

in cosy

fluffiness tickling

its memory

a sweet caress

a moment

of pure longing

oh chenille bedspread

your rumpled softness


the scratchy glamour

of your successor

and I remember

hiding you

in my wardrobe

to fling over my bed

and bring to my face

to snuggle into

all night

I miss you so!

a humble dining table

sat in an op shop

wearily bearing the weight

of non matching chairs

day in day out

it crouched in the corner

while people ignored it

as they admired the chairs

dragging them across its surface

adding scratch upon scratch

to its fine woodwork

so ignored

it became devalued

and a price tag of $20 was applied

Hey, called the table

I'm worth more than that!

but no one noticed

or replied

then one day I arrived

idly glancing at the tables

in the market for something

to replace our rickety one

whose legs were falling off

anything would do

suddenly I stood to attention

Could it be?

clearing off the chairs

I noticed the matched grain

the well seasoned timber

beautiful fine legs


heart beating fast

I called my husband

I'm going to grab this

before anyone else does

Can you bring the truck?

so speedily paying

before someone noticed

a triumphant homecoming

a clean and polish

and now our lovely table

shines out its birthright

beaming happily

What a steal!

Linking with Rise and Write



  1. Cuddle-ific! I can feel the softness of that blanket as I read!

  2. ...and I can almost hear that table giggle as it acts out its role as the centre of the house ;-(

  3. Fantastic! the ode to a charity shop dining table makes me especially happy! xxx

  4. Too warm for blankets here at the moment, but it won't be long till they come into their own again. And how fantastic to discover that brilliant table and rescue it from abandonment, then write a poem about it! xxx

  5. It touches me how such seemingly simple yet central items as blankets and tables can evoke such powerful memories in us. I think we-who-write help to capture these experiences in life and make sure they don't slip away into the forgotten moments of what it is to be us ... to be human. Very touching.

  6. Beautiful table, really fine wood, and beautiful poems! As always, I am touched how you hear voices of the things around you - you are a very sensitive soul, my dear! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugses! xxxx

  7. We never knew the soft preciousness of that dear old blanket that you saved and enjoyed so much...your words paint a snuggly picture...just beautiful.
    Your great rescue poem sits like a well-turned leg (visually) under the picture of your table which is just right for you all.The table can enjoy your sewing,painting,drawing,family eating and conversation instead of old scratchy chairs too. Wonderful! D&M xxxx

  8. An op shop score can make us feel as warm and fuzzy as a cuddly blanket.

  9. You rescued the table from it's under appreciated life in those surroundings. What a bargain, and the stories, and poems, and all that is yet to be will happen at that table.

  10. The simple is the beautist -


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