BeautyScope 10: Eccentric tessellation

A roman ruin was unearthed in our garden...our old bathroom tiles were too beautiful to throw away.


  1. I love tiles. Honestly if I were going to tile a room and went into a tile shop I would have such a difficult time choosing and then of course there are some stunning artist produced tiles. I love the tiles made for the Arts and Crafts period and I also love Turkish tiles. The blues in your tiles are really pretty. You could make a concrete bird bath bowl and decorate it with the tiles. That would be lovely!

  2. Yes! Unfortunately the tiles are attached to massive concrete from the shower base. More energy than I have would be required to shift it, and it would smash the beauty. So I buried them! As you do! Whenever I look at it I remember when my boys then 3 and 6 had a demolition derby helping us revamp the bathroom. Boys are natural demolishers

  3. LOL-my son helped with bathroom demolition at age 6 too. You are right. They are natural demolishers!


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