Hello I'm a Muppet !

I thought I would introduce myself. Hi! I'm a Muppet today!

I am wearing a men's shirt I up cycled for a skirt, and a second hand wool jacket, all handmade not by me! It was $17 and I couldn't walk past it, even though I have too many jackets already! See post " one for every day". It's warm and bright...yay! Here's a closer look.

I wore it with a scarf (gift) because the wool itches my neck. Here is a closer look at my jewellery...a 
resin ring with polka dots...$2 secondhand, and my wedding ring. In my ears I have faux tortoiseshell very old.

And finally we have the luscious pumpkin tights- retail ( the kids think I look like a Muppet or someone from the Simpsons...but in a good way:-), and converse shoes (very old )on my feet!

I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my clothes and a glimpse of my house. By the way: I'm in love with my bricks. I could eat them! 
And finally here I am inside the chalk outline my son The Artist was obsessed with for a few days. I'm supposed to look like I'm dying, and then he draws x's where the bullets went. But in this one we decided I looked more like I was holding an umbrella and a briefcase. Apparently I'm not very good at dying!

'Til next time,
Keep creating!


  1. LOL-I am glad you are not good at dying. How hilarious; you do look like you are holding an invisible umbrella and briefcase. In the photo where you are sitting down the tights have more of a Simpson's yellow look than in the other photos. Now you know what you can be for Halloween!
    I love the colours in the wool jacket and the cleverness of that skirt and I love you bricks. I totally understand how you want to eat them. They look delicious. And your front door is painted to really nicely go with them.

    1. I'm so glad you think I would make a good simpson! So nice that you get my bricks, and noticed the carefully chosen front door paint!

  2. I love all these colours! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog, and thank you for reading.


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