BeautyScope 100: Favourites

Yes, it's true, we have reached 100!

For this landmark I thought I'd show you the top 6 BeautyScopes in descending order according to Blogger views.

BeautyScope 71: ant builders
symbol of renewal

BeautyScope 29: empty cups
the morning after

BeautyScope 85: a stand of trees
trees in their dormancy
still cast a shadow

BeautyScope 87: the beauty of rust
graced by the mellow patina of age...
may we all be so privileged

BeautyScope 92: melaleuca book
leafing through a paperbark

BeautyScope 32: spent horde
tree fern tower

Of course I have trouble singling out any. I like one for its beauty, another for its poetry, and yet another for its sentimentality.

Sentimental favourite would have to be this one, that started it all!

BeautyScope 1
tree of life

What is your favourite? 
Is it in these top 6, or something else?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Even in this short time I can see how I've developed, and you keep me up to the mark! I do enjoy having such a creative outlet, with an interested audience from my living room to yours!

I have always done these types of works, but stuck them in a drawer for my eyes only. Due to my Aspergers I have had difficulty connecting with people who might be interested in developing it further eg. galleries. So hooray for the internet!

And here's to another 100 BeautyScopes!!


  1. Congratulations on reaching your CENTURY! I have difficulty choosing the 'best' too, but might just have to come down to "the tree of life" ...not just because of the "tree" theme, but because of where it has taken us!

  2. I enjoyed these images very much, appreciating their beauty. I'm partial to rusty things, I'll confess, so the rust pic really got my attention. Although the book pages did too. How 'bout they're all lovely?

  3. These are all so interesting. The one of the tree bark is my fav.


  4. Wow, such many beautiful pictures, structures, reflections, shadows... I follow you onlysince any days, have not seen all the others... My absolute favorit is No. 5 (difficult to deicide) - sorry, my English is not good, I learn only since one year, only by myself and with help of the internet...

    You have Asperger Syndrome? Me too ... (my two blogs are my strategie against isolation - )

    1. Your English is much better than my German, which is only singing German! So don't apologise! How lovely to meet another Aspie. Please feel free to email me if you want to chat about Aspergers :-) XO JJ

  5. Congratulations, JJ! I admire your Beautyscope and don't want to choose my favorite. They all are amazing for different reasons, but the most important to me is that they are the artistic expression of who you are - thoughtful, caring, poetical, philosophical and loving. xxx

    1. Oh my! You have blown me away with such a description. I am touched. Thanks my friend. XO JJ

  6. They are all interesting . Your artistic flare has shown out again .
    I like the tree fern trunk ,imagining all the mini life forms living in that cosy protective environment . D

  7. Ι like number 85 esp the shadows. It is great you have a creative outlet and thank you for the great comments.

    1. Thanks for voting, and it's my pleasure to comment on your lovely blog! XO

  8. Congratulations on 100! It is really difficult to pick a favourite because as you say, there are different reasons for liking them. Number 87 definitely gets a vote because I respond to both the image and the words. I love our BeautyScope concept and it is fun to watch it evolve. I'm so glad you have a place to share it!


If a topic has special significance for you, or touches you in some way, I'd love to hear your story! I will return the favour and we will gently touch hands across the miles...or kilometres :-)