Share-in-style: White and Shoe Shine

Sometimes necessity has to be the mother of invention!

I suddenly realised that Mis Papelicos link up Share-in-style:White was about to close.

I have no one to shoot me ...what a sentence! And to take photos myself with a tripod is a long drawn out process of copying from machine to machine, so I invented Legless Lizzie!

to show you some French bloomers I bought from Etsy.
They are from France in the '20s, and all hand sewn and embroidered on the finest linen

as they are made to be not seen, they aren't the best fit in the world, 
so maybe it's better that Lizzie models them today :-)
Look at the tiny stitches on the French seam! Gasp!

I like to pair it with a thoroughly modern print and fabric.
Leopard print with sparkles!

the bracelet is mother of pearl on coconut

and the shoes, are by Rivers.
I found them at an Op shop for $6. 
They are a size big, so I wear 2 socks, but they are very comfy.
Now I can also link up to Sheila's ShoeShine !

Come on over and see the blinding white beauties, and the shoe hoarders!
And now, 52 pickmeup cartoon on Spy Girl.

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. I love your sneakers - I used to have a pair like that! Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine!

  2. What a great idea! Lizzie looks fantastic in her bloomers and funky fun shoes.

  3. What a cute idea to make a photo of the outfit!! Love it!
    I´m also a part of the Share-In-Style at Ms Papelicos.. was a lot of fun.. white is beautiful for summer!
    What I like most of your outf it is your French bloomers!! That is a little treasure, I love this kind of stuff. You lucky :)

    have a wonderful day
    Dana :)

  4. Lizzie looks cute in her outfit but hasn't quite your good looks. I love the outfit and those fine stitches and bloomers would have a wonderful story. The maker would be thrilled and perhaps amazed to see how far the work had come. M xxxx

  5. Hahah, love the drawing! :D And the outfit is so carefree and lovely. The sneakers are a spot on addition ^_^

  6. I like those old laundry, and I have some parts ... and the bracelet is - wow!
    Funny idea with the drawn self portrait :-)
    Shoes really looks comfy and nice they are too (comfy shoes are rare nice - sigh!)

    I recently found a large mirror and I hold the camera by myself to shoot mirror images (bang bang!)

  7. Oooh … Legless Lizzie looks a little thin … are you sure she doesn't have an eating disorder ;0)

    1. She is styled in honour of the Legless lizard we have here in Canberra!

  8. have to steel that idea for days i feel uncomfortable in front of the camera........genius!
    great outfit! romantic 20´s undies with disco glam tunic and the naturally beauty of mother of pearl - beautiful!
    speaking of beautiful - a have to back-read a lot here i see - where is this time gone?
    wish you luck with your garden, as an absolute beginner at this and no one who can teach me beside of books i know how hard it can be.

  9. Hello darling Jazzy thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  10. OH such great stuff! I do like Legless Lizzie but I can't wait to see that outfit on you!! I love this pairing of such disparate pieces which are so perfect together.


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