Floribunda gone mad!

This week is Orchid week on Spy Girl 52-Pick-Me-Up
The only problem is I can't find ANY in my closet!
So I rummaged around and found all the flowers in my closet and chucked them on.
Close enough!

Watch out, blinding stockings on the legs!

 If I stand in this garden, 
people will totally believe I'm an orchid!

You want moi to star in your film "The Orchid " in which an orchid comes alive and engulfs a celebrity (!) blogger? 
Oh, I swoon!

Is this my best side?

I am a method actor, immersing myself in my part.

Oh, it's orchid, not orchard!

Hee hee!

Crochet scarf - made by me
Merino jumper - retail (old)
Red skirt - opshop, upcycled
Blue coat - op shop
Stockings - retail
Shoes - op shop
Umbrella - ancient
Ribbon head band - handmade
Brooch - grandma's
Ring - op shop
Earrings - retail (old)

Come on over to Spy Girl 
and see the others who got it right :-)

Also sharing my shoey goodness with Sheila's Shoe Shine
and my pseudo-hat with Style Crone's Hat Attack.
Come on over and party with all of the Beauties!

And as luck would have it, Sacremento of Mis Papelicos
is having Share-In-Style flower theme, 
along with Alicia of Spashionista
It really is Floribunda gone mad!

Come and throw some flower petals with us all!!

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. you're looking fabulously floral, with an elegant twist!!, love your kimono, love your umbrella, love all those flowers and headband, and particularly love your attitude!!!

  2. You are blossoming here! The best orchid in the orchard!

  3. Hahaha, you always crack me up! :D Those tights are fierce woman, love them! :D

  4. You are so funny! Love the look!


  5. You may not be an orchid but you're not a shrinking violet, either - and that's as it should be! ;-)


  6. beautiful flower you are!
    your outfit remembers me on the clever and chic murderesse in a hercule poirot movie from the 70´s with peter ustinov as H.P.. did you ever see this movies? if not i recommend much - because of sir peter, gorgeous sets and fab 30´s clothes....
    p.s.: that heatband is a really cool look on you!!!

    1. Sounds great! Will have to chase it up. Lots of people comment on headbands on me. Will have to do more! :-)

  7. Who needs flowers in the garden when you are the ultimate flower brightening your world and many others too!!! You're giving us a taste of spring. D&M xxxx

  8. You look fantastic! Especially those tights! OOOOO! :)

  9. You chucked it all on and you look magnificent! I LOVE this, very evocative of the Bloomsbury set, perfectly artistic and so, so cool (I have tried effortlessly throwing it all on, I looked like my laundry pile, with arms and legs hehe!)

  10. Wow, what a creative idea! And so manyspecial and individual stuff... I like it all.

    Sometimes I'm an actor too, when I read a book and I'm living in it...

  11. You're a garden of delights! Thank you so much for linking up to Shoe Shine - who doesn't love floral runners!

  12. Your creativity is a delight. Throwing all of these pieces together was a stroke of genius. Thank you for sharing your ribbon head band with Hat Attack!

  13. Dear Jazzy you are pure inspiration.
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for joining and sharing your style with us.


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