BeautyScope 95: Lichen gardens

multicoloured microcosm
abstracted art, preoccupied 
tiny worlds within


  1. Tiny worlds for sure! This looks like a beautiful piece of pottery really. Thank you for visiting my blog too, I appreciate your comments. ;)

  2. Are you sure its not coral? Its as beautiful as the Great Barrier Reef :-)

  3. Gorgeous... what a mysterious world with its subtle and jewelled colours and to think it quietly arrives without fanfare ! D&M xxxx

  4. Tks for dropping by my blog, i love the pic, very intriguing but awesome!
    The pic looks like you are looking at planet earth from space
    I was surprised that a lot of bloggers are on the same med than me, the doc told me it treated a variety of symptoms and this med is 50 years old - I hope it kicks in soon , but it will take a while i guess -

    Big hugs


  5. Oh this is one of my favourites-both the words and the image!


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