Disco diva

Take a gold leather jacket

with a crystal necklace

and a leopard print top with crystal details,

a mother of pearl bracelet

galaxy leggings

a disco ball,

all in front of a starry night curtain

and what do you have?
 A recipe for a disco!

Watch me dance!

Disco ball  made by Mr Artist
Starry curtain made by Moi
Leather jacket $5 opshop
Leopard print top opshop
Leggings retail Black Milk, gift from gorgeous Bushy
Crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings gifts

Linking with Spy Girl 52 Pick-Me-Up : Disco Diva
Come over and have a dance and see the visible beauty!

'Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. What a funny post!! Enjoyed it soooo much! Very good peaces and a perfect outfit!
    Have fun !!


  2. Cute post...love that leather jacket!

  3. You are disco fabulous!!! you have a disco ball too, so, so cool! and I LOVE the blurred pics so much! x x x

  4. This is great! So shiny! Thinks for linking.

  5. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!

  6. Interesting photoshoot! Love the effect of movement of the photos. And yeah, you look like a Disco Queen!

  7. What fun for us to enjoy! I specially love the Disco Ball Meteoring across your starry sky....but that is part of a whole wonderful creation....M xxxx

  8. Haha, crazy disco lady! :D Love the jacket, and of course the galaxy leggings are spot on! :D

  9. So great, so shiny! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  10. fabulous! now i will humming the Bee Gees for the rest of the day :-)

  11. love the disco ball pics!!! definitely up my alley!!! great post!!!

    1. I must admit I was thinking of you with your interesting shots when I did this! And Melanie:-)

  12. You had such a great fun with this - cooool! Love your leggings and the disco ball, and the bracelet, and the photo of the ball in movement! xxxx

  13. An excellent disco creation ... so many cool elements that you blended into a very YOU look. Fun photos, perfectly to your point!
    So, did you go out to dance? It would be a bit of a shame to let this outfit stay at home ... it needs to be out and about!

    1. Thanks Jan! I'm afraid I'm a dance at home person. But if I ever need it, I know this outfit is waiting in the wings :-)


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