BeautyScope 134: Sunlight sparkles

starlight skips across the water
twinkly constellations 
lining the way


  1. Wow. This is magical. They really look like stars.

  2. No, I just did what you're not supposed to do...aimed into the sun and clicked. The camera did the rest! I couldn't see what I was doing. Just mucking around trying different ideas :-) thanks for your comment.

  3. That really is a beautiful sparkly path ...the Milky Way? Who knew breaking the rules could be so beautiful?

  4. What a brilliant,glistening,glittering scintillating artwork causing us to feel effervescent!! D&M xxxx

  5. Amazing!
    It reminds me of a scene from the movie "Snowcake" as they play scrabble and she says "dazzling"...


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