BeautyScope 141: Explorer vine

naturally inquisitive 
vine explores air ducts
 on its way to the roof


  1. Very cool. I like the coloring in this one. Or lack of color. You know what I mean. I really love the way plants grab hold of things. And how they sometimes reach out and stay suspended in the air until they find something. I'm obsessed with watching my climatis plant do this. Sometimes I help it out by tucking it in here and there but when I touch it I think I can feel it trying to tell me. "No! I can do it myself!"

  2. Vines are both an example and a metaphor for life. Searching, exploring and growing. Smart of you to see the beauty in that.

  3. Cool fotos, love vine tree on wall, greeting from Belgium

    1. Thankyou Louisette! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by! JJ

  4. Your photography is beautiful and creative!

  5. We love the contrast of the brash geometric wall and the persistence of the delicate vine ! D&M xxxx

  6. I looove seeing how you continue exploring life! What a fun and talented and energetic person you are! :) xxxx


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