Natural fibres and solid colours

I have here some pics of my latest secondhand haul. It's been a couple of weeks and I was thirsty!
This red dress is very fine corduroy. Long and lean. 
Great for my don't-touch-my-stomach grouchy days.
I will also wear this as a long line jacket. 
(It doesn't count as another jacket in my jacket stuffed closet if it can be worn as a dress;-)
Here I've paired it with a linen jacket I had problems finding a use for. And it feels great with this. You just never know, do you!
Of course the shining jewel is this silk scarf. Made in Italy for Tie Rack. Stuck in a scarf bin with all the other polyester disasters. But my little fingers and eyes rooted it out.Very triumphant! Ha Ha!

I'm on a mission to fill my wardrobe with more natural fibres and more solid colours, since I've gone mad with fun prints, and now have nothing to wear as a foil. 
So here is a linen shirt which fits beautifully. with a mandarin collar.

This is a hemp shirt which is gloriously soft with interesting splits in the sleeve ends.

This is a gorgeous colour blue rayon shirt.

This scoop necked dress is cotton. Navy blue see through, so will need a slip.

This scoop neck dress is fine knit black wool. Will be interesting to style this with my skin sensitivity to wool!

This suit I grabbed at the last minute for $8. It's beautifully handmade with lining. It fits the top with sleeves long enough!!!! The skirt will need to be taken in a smidge. 
But the fabric is lovely. Maybe a little wool and silk? Will need to add colourful accents as this colour washes me out.

Interesting buttons too. The fabric colour is the same as the buttons as above. 
Nice texture in the fabric. I'll feel very grown up in this!

And of course the piece de resistance, the silk scarf!
Very rich red and gold...mmm...mmm!
I do have a veeeeery slight love affair with silk. 
This was $3. Oh yeah! Score!!

Hope you enjoyed my boasting post :-)
'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. wonderful finds!!!!!
    i really like this clean look on you! great suit in a beautiful color. and the scarf! envy :-)
    cant wait to see you modeling this.
    natural fibers are a must for me, synthetics i can stand only in small doses - panties, bras, vests.
    to survive our winter i need wool - love the little itchy feeling, keeps me warm!

  2. You did do well! Red looks so good on you and that suit is special, I'm dying to see you model it once you've tweaked it to your size. xxx

  3. Your little grey cells will have fun designing outfits from your store of treasures. I especially love the silk scarf with its " baroque curlicues". M xxxx

  4. Love the red dress, Jazzy.
    Looking forward to see you wearing the rest.
    Do not forget to join Share-in-Style: Sailor tomorrow Monday 1rst

  5. That suit is everything! And I totally understand your addiction/love affair to/with silk :) I'm there! But this I think is a fairly safe addiction to have.... ;) Lovely finds.

  6. Lovely stuff! I like solid colors and natural fibres, have only little patterns and chemical fibres in my cabinet (one cabinet?? No... but I will not tell how many ;-) )
    Wear wool clothing is a problem and a challenge for me. Any goes, any goes not -
    I'm looking forward to see, how do you wear all the pices together with others :-)

  7. ooo, blacks, white and saturated colors. Really saturated colors. Like art supplies ready to use. I wonder what you'll create with them? The red long dress ensemble looks stunning and comfy. Two great qualities to achieve! And that scarf! Say no more.

  8. That suit is so cute! I can't wait to see it on you and how you stye it. I really enjoy your eclectic style. It's creative and fun. Those shirts with the chest pockets are some of my favorite things in a wardrobe. Not to mention they add something to my flat chest. I too have a huge jacket collection and have to have a separate closet for them. It's disgusting! I think you, Shawna, and I would have a blast doing a clothing swap. ;)

  9. I love a good hunt! You definitely scored, and it's nice to have solid colored pieces to play color blocking! :) Love the red dress with this jacket, and the silk scarf is a beauty! xxxx

  10. What great finds! I do prefer natural fibres but they aren't always an option. I will compromise with blends. It's a bit of a challenge to get that right blend of solids and patterns in the wardrobe and I too have sometimes struggled with too much of one and not enough of the other. I love the outfit you are wearing, and always really like grey and red together. The scarf is gorgeous!! I laughed when you wrote 'jacket stuffed" because lately I seem to be accumulating jackets too.

    I look forward to seeing all of your finds when you wear them! You put clothing together so well.

  11. Oooh you did well!! I'm with you on the natural fibres. More and more, I say no to synthetics! Love the red dress. X

    1. Thankyou Kezzie! Welcome to my blog. I don't think we've met? Thanks for stopping by :-) JJ

  12. Red is a power colour, and you look fabulous in it! Great scarf too, and you have found some really good pieces, especially the suit. xxx


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